“Trina er en fantastisk dirigent/pedagog. Jeg har lært masse i den korte tiden hun har vært hos oss.” – Kor Sanger, Oslo, Norway

“We had the best time with Trina as our vocal coach. She managed to keep 30 youths completely engaged through a 3 hour seminar where we learned complex vocal techniques and gospel arrangements… Highly recommended!” – Didrik  Håndlykken, MakeMusic Norway

“You are a fabulous light in so many of your students lives and I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from you. You taught me unimaginably important things about myself and the world of music… THANK YOU for sharing your gift with the world. Your spirit is gorgeous…”  – F.W. Holbein Graduate

“I couldn’t have been more fortunate to be under your direction for all four years of choir. I know every student that has walked out of the doors of that choir room will never look back and think poorly on the time they spent there…  Not only are you the most talented choir teacher that I have crossed paths with, but you are passionate and that is so beyond wonderful. The passion you have for your students to succeed is visible in all of the hard work that you put in to the countless lessons you teach. You have a beautiful voice and you make students WANT to work hard. I admire that.” – Wilde Lake Graduate

“I take the greatest personal and professional pleasure in recommending Ms. Trina Bass to you… her record has been impeccable, her knowledge and expertise unquestioned, and her capabilities as a teacher and leader have been inspirational to us all.  Ms. Bass has the keen ability to adapt to any situation.  She possesses great communication and writing skills to go along with a tremendous problem-solving mind.  She accepts new challenges with vigor and enthusiasm…” – John C. Dileo, Principal