I know you want more from life 

and you’re not wrong, but you’re not right

we may be blinded by what seems bright

before realize the gleam of possibility’s not so light

you might never get those wings, but you can still learn to glide

I know you’re tired of fighting upstream, so let’s just let it slide

and meet me downstream…

it’s easier than it seems

I can see how you may feel left penniless with what seems real

but if we pour out the treasure of right now, 

the sweetest things we can have, they will never sour

this might not be easy to hear, but the future is never here

and here is where we get to live, this moment has more to give

so won’t you let it live…

just once, just this once 


you and me and all we see, with nothing in between

what if we let right now be the dream

if we close our eyes we might feel the moment gleam